The purpose of the Aquatic Education Program is to enhance the public's understanding of water resources, aquatic life forms, sport fishing, and develop responsible attitudes and ethics toward the aquatic environment.

The following are eligible projects under the program:

  • Projects that enhance the public's understanding of aquatic resources
  • Projects that improve communications with anglers, boaters, and the general public on sport fishing and boating opportunities
  • Projects that increase participation in sport fishing and boating
  • Projects that advance the adoption of sound fishing and boating practices, including safety
  • Projects that promote conservation and responsible use of aquatic resources

Source of funds: Sport fish restoration & boating trust fund

  • PSport Fish Restoration Act also known as Dingell-Johnson (DJ) Act of 1950 (enabling legislation)
  • P2 CFR 200
  • P50 CFR 80
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