Forest Stewardship Program

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The principal goal of the CNMI Forestry Stewardship Program is to aid and influence landowners to promote good land and forest stewardship practices. A goal is to influence landowner behavior in regard to land use, promoting their practice of good stewardship. FSP complements this goal by investing in practices to establish, restore, protect, manage, maintain, and enhance the health and productivity of NIPF habitat for flora, soil, water, and air quality, wetlands, and riparian buffers. FSP also ensures that afforestation, reforestation, improvement of bad and grass land, reducing the risks and helping restore, recover, and mitigate the damage to forests caused by fire, insects, invasive species, disease, and damaging weather.

Urban & Community Program

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This program seeks to facilitate the effective management of forests in an urban environment, including towns, villages, boulevards, parks, schools, churches, government areas, residential areas, commercial areas and historical sites.

Forest Health Program

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The Forest Health Protection and Invasive Plant Management. This program addresses issues on forest pests and plant diseases. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is currently pursuing the suppression of invasive and detrimental species. A total of 80 acres collectively was reported as acres of concern. Pest suppression methodology includes chemical treatment, physical removing of target species, monitoring of any new species of concern and the release of biological controls. Some of these acres are treated with chemicals herbicide while other sites inoculated with a biological control. The recent discovery of Erectus rhinoceros on the island of Rota is being addressed using all available means to eradicate the pest (surveillance, monitoring and debris removal are currently ongoing).