(a) Three soil and water conservation districts are established. District one shall be composed of Saipan and the Northern Islands, district two shall be Tinian, and district three shall be Rota.

(b) The three conservation districts are created under the Department of Natural Resources, and they shall work in cooperation with the Northern Marianas College (Land Grant Program), Division of Environmental Quality, and the Department of Public Works, to conserve, develop, and use the soil, and water resources of the Commonwealth in order to control and prevent soil erosion, flooding, and to improve agricultural water management. Any project which is proposed by a district which involves the responsibilities of another Commonwealth agency shall have that agency's review and approval before implementation. Projects of the districts shall be jointly sponsored where feasible. The activities and operations shall be reviewed by the district administrators and the Department of Natural Resources to assure compatibility with other related plans and programs.

Source: PL 4-44, § 4

Commission Comment: With respect to the references to the “Department of Natural Resources” and “Department of Public Works,” see Executive Order 94-3 (effective August 23, 1994), reorganizing the executive branch, changing agency names and official titles, and effecting other changes, set forth in the Commission comment to 1 CMC § 2001.